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Yavuz Selim Çetinkaya, one of the students of the German International Business Management Department, conveys his thoughts about the department for our candidate students. We wish our student success and hope to see our candidate students among us as soon as possible.



From the moment I first saw the International Business Management (German) department, it was a department I wanted. The fact that it was both German and addressing a more private area in the businesses was the most important things that attracted me to the department. When I started the department, I wanted to be a manager in a good international company. I also knew that we had many graduates doing this. The lessons I learned in the department and the success and support of my teachers in this regard have always been a guide for me. Actually, I realized what I wanted to do. After that, I started my own ventures with the courage I received and my department had a great benefit on them. In both numerical and verbal lessons I take, we cover the topics in more depth. This puts us in the foreground. We take lessons on how a good manager should be, in which areas he should be active, and how to maintain management properly. These both develop us and encourage our future lives. People who think to come should never think that German will prevent them. In fact, when we graduate, we graduate with two foreign languages. It is the right section for anyone who wants to consolidate their future, vision, mission and success.