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Elif Aydemir, 2014 Graduate
Madame Coco | E-Commerce Marketing Executive

One of the sections with the highest competition in business life is Business Administration. In this section, which also provides a wide range of opportunities for graduates, there are 2 major advantages to choosing International German Business Management. First of all, having a good selective foreign language with the German preparatory process, as well as having compulsory English lessons during the department, provides extra equipment.

The other advantage is that our teachers who attended the lessons from the business life, with the experience of the lessons, helped me to decide what I would like to learn and specialize in practice. The current sharing of these teachers with the professional needs of the age is still very valuable today.

Completing the department with the same friends from the first day until the time I graduated, as it is a more boutique department compared to other Business departments, has also created a bone-in community that supports each other. Many companies in the communications of a group of friends in Turkey or abroad to continue life outside work and support each other to continue as one of the greatest achievements of my university period I can say.