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Dilara Demirbaş, 2019 Graduate

PwC Turkey- SC German Audit Associate 

Almost every university in Turkey, every year thousands of Faculty of Business Administration gives graduates. And this increases the competition dimension for various positions in companies. That's why we need to give ourselves awareness and competencies.The language of education was German, and given the potential of German companies in our country, it provided a great advantage in my employment process.In addition, the lessons in our department, together with the theory and cases, provided me with a real basis for understanding and experiencing the realities of business life.

In addition, there are times when we share the same business environment with our friends we have been with since the preparation period. Due to the strong culture and connection of the department, we are always in communication with each other. I can say that these situations are very supportive for me. Many thanks to the German International Business Department for the good friends and the international standards education he has given me ...