Yeditepe University International Management (German) is a German-language, 4 year program that accepts enrollments based on the TM-1 score.

Our new curriculum, which has been effective since Autumn 2014, has been redesigned in accordance with the feedback received from our Advisory Board in order to better serve the expectations of the business world. Our new curriculum provides an expansive pool of elective courses in order to allow our students chances for self-improvement in their own fields of interest and expertise. In this framework, three separate groups of elective courses are available. The elective courses make up for 20% of the program course load, at 10 courses total.

  • Departmental Electives: elective courses from the pool of the International Management (German) department. The elective courses inside the Departmental Elective pool can also be chosen as free or complementary electives.


  • Complementary Electives: elective courses from the pool of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. The Academic Program contains two courses in this category. The elective courses inside the Complementary Elective pool can also be chosen as free electives.


  • Free Electives: elective courses offered under the curricula of Yeditepe University. These courses can be chosen from any department in Yeditepe University.

Our program offers students the opportunity to study abroad for a semester or a full year with the use of Erasmus and Student Exchange. The double-diploma arrangements we have with three universities in Germany make it possible for our students to obtain double diplomas after studying for their third year in Germany.

Students of Yeditepe University International Management, provided they meet the GPA criteria, have the option of Double Majors or Minors. Using this opportunity, students can earn a second diploma from a second department, or obtain an additional certificate of expertise in the field of their minor.

Alumni of Yeditepe University International Management have the advantage of knowing two languages (German, English, and if desired, a third language through taking four courses in another foreign language as free electives). They have the option of entering the business world as an entrepreneur, in every level of national or international companies, or continuing their education in any Social Science field through a Master’s or Doctorate program.