Dear Students

Aiming to educate creative, solution-oriented individuals with high communication and social responsibility skills since its foundation in 1996, the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences continues to bring future leaders to our society with its strong academic staff and modern infrastructure.

At our faculty, students are given the opportunity to study Business Administration, Economics and Public Administration in English, International Business Management in German, Political Science and International Relations in English or French and for the ones who wish can learn a second foreign language as part of their academic program.

Through the integration of faculty programs at our university, students are able to take courses from different disciplines they are interested in and they are encouraged to engage in multidirectional studies. The availability of training in our rich double major and minor programs at 60 different departments makes it possible for students to earn diplomas from more than one discipline.

It is possible for our students who are studying at our university situated right beside the financial center established in Istanbul, the gateway to the world and the international cultural and commercial center, to benefit from wide internship and job opportunities.

Together with the Faculty Advisory Board, which is comprised of leading senior professionals from Turkey, sector practice and fieldwork, internships, and extensive career day organizations are organized to help our students experience business life, know themselves and identify areas they can be successful.

In order to be able to contribute to our society, students are encouraged to take part in social responsibility projects based on mutual interaction with the public.

Our students who graduate with the basic knowledge and skills that they need for life are working at senior positions in various regions of the world and in different institutions and making us proud of their achievements. We are pleased to welcome you to the FEAS family.

Prof. Dr. Dursun ARIKBOĞA