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The Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, which started its academic activities in 1996, which was the year of foundation of our university, added new departments and faculty members in the following years. In the 1996-1997 Academic Year, the undergraduate programs Political Science and International Relations in French, Economics, Business Administration in English and Political Science and International Relations in English were opened. In 2000-2001 Academic Year Business Informatics in German, in 2005-2006 Academic Year Public Administration, in 2009-2010 Academic Year Management and International Business in German were opened. The language of instruction in the four departments of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences is English. In addition to these programs, there are two departments where the language of instruction is French in Political Science and International Relations and in German in International Business Management.

We would like to thank our deans who have contributed to the progress and achievement of our faculty with their expertise since its establishment.






Prof. Dr. Doğan ALTUNER


Prof. Dr. Vural F. SAVAŞ

2003 (Vekaleten)



Prof. Dr. Haluk ÜLMAN


Prof. Dr. Ülkü DİCLE




Prof. Dr. Reşat KAYALI


Prof. Dr. Kadir Aykut TOP


Prof. Dr. Şükran Nilvana ATADENİZ




The popularity of Yeditepe University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences among students at all levels of higher education has increased continuously since its establishment in 1996. Yeditepe FEAS graduates have taken their place in Turkish and international business life in public sector, private sector organizations and as an entrepreneur since our first graduates in 2000.

In the light of its mission, vision and values, our faculty continues its determination to increase the academic quality and scientific development targets it has achieved and to improve continuously in the following terms.