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Assoc. Prof. Altan Kar
Department Head 

The Department of Electronic Commerce and Management allows students to discover new business models developing on web-based platforms and to understand new trends in applications. It provides an entrepreneurial opportunity. Department of management, business, finance, economics, commerce, strategy, project management and entrepreneurship and E-Business, E-Marketing, Digital Marketing, electronic customer relationship management (E-CRM), Software, programming, database management, and web programming, It has a broad-based program that blends information technologies such as web design. In addition, it prepares students for new career opportunities in the field of electronic commerce with real-time projects and sectoral applications.

There is also an E-Commerce Master's Program, both with and without a thesis, within the department. You can access the necessary information from the Department page on the Social Sciences Institute website.

For other questions, you can click here to view the contact page of the department.

What is E-Commerce and Management Department?

The importance of electronic commerce, which is one of the important sectors of entrepreneurship, is increasing day by day. In this sector, which continues to develop and change with the convenience provided by the Internet, global markets have also grown considerably. With this growing market, the need for personnel has reached a visible level.
We provide training with our Electronic Commerce and Management department in order to train qualified personnel who are equipped with the necessary equipment in the field of electronic commerce and can meet the needs. In this department, which was opened as the first and only 4-year undergraduate program in Turkey, the curriculum was created by meeting with the leading managers of the sector. Knowing the indispensable information, marketing and logistics sectors of e-commerce, in this department, we train successful students, and it is ensured that students discover developing business models on web-based platforms and make these discoveries applicable.
Candidate students must be a graduate of "equal weight" in order to be able to study in this department. Students who will start their education by choosing the Electronic Commerce and Management department rankings should also have strong social aspects. Students who have the dynamism to follow the innovations in the sector should also be curious about the use of technology and social media. Students who can communicate well with people with self-confidence and patiently follow the process can become successful individuals in the electronic commerce sector.

E-Commerce and Management Department Fees

You can check this page for the 2023/2024 academic year tuition fees of Yeditepe University Department of Electronic Commerce and Management.

Electronic Commerce and Management Sectoral Collaborations

Our department Alibaba, Trendyol, Zubizu, SEM, Google, Mobitek, Hepsiburada, PayU, Webrazzi, Iprospect, Galata Business Angels, Migros, Onedio, E-Glober,, Brightwell Holdings, Lorem Ipsuma, Hackquarters, Kollektif House, Salesforce/ Inspark, Kriko, Limunis; It provides support to our students in the form of internships, seminars and training.

On April 21, 2020, Modanisa E-Commerce Manager Hüseyin TAMALI was the guest of the E-Commerce Department E-Commerce Seminars Course.
Modanisa E-Commerce Director Hüseyin Tamali talked to our students about the future, opportunities, obstacles and career opportunities of e-export and e-import.
Alibaba Country Manager Cüneyt ERPOLAT was the guest of the E-Commerce Department E-Commerce Seminars Course on April 7, 2020.
Under the title of Cross-border E-Commerce, he evaluated how Covid-19 affected China and Alibaba company at a global level and in particular. He answered our students' questions about potential threats and opportunities in the future in e-export, as well as career opportunities in e-commerce and e-export. He also openly offered employment to our e-commerce graduates who are in graduation status at Alibaba!

Salesforce / INSPARK

An agreement was made with Inspark, the Sales Force Turkey Representative, to conduct a joint course in the E-CRM course. Students who pass the Sales Force exam within the scope of this course receive a Sales Force certificate.
Digital Advertising and Performance Management course is held jointly with Google Turkey and certification and participation certificates are provided to students by Google.

Our Instructors from the Sector
ETT 111 Introduction to E-Commerce - Uğur Eskici, Founder of Kriko
ETT 312 E-Sales Management - İhsan Solak, General Manager, SEM and Gaye Or, Coordinator, Finberg
ETT 422 Web Content Management and Social Media Marketing - Özge Öztanrıseven, Media Director, SEM
ETT 315 Digital Advertising and Performance Management - Hanife Avcılar, Digital Marketing Specialist,
ETT 321 Mobile Entrepreneurship - Mehmet Alpatlı, Entrepreneur Mentor / Technology Transfer and Finance Specialist
E-Customer Relationship Management with ETT 322 SalesForce - Burcu Derya Korkmaz, Solution Engineer, Salesforce / INSPARK
ETT 415 Digital Storage Systems and ETT 211 Electronic Supply Chain Management - Derman Aydoğan, Eastern Europe Senior Commercial Director, HAVI
ETT 475 E-Export Management - Serim Çetin, Founder of Merx Technologies

Electronic Commerce and Management Scholarship Opportunities

As Yeditepe University, we offer scholarship opportunities for students who will study in the Department of Electronic Commerce and Management. To learn about these scholarship opportunities and application requirements, you can review the information here.

Studying Electronic Commerce and Management at Yeditepe University

We provide training with devotion to train talented and well-equipped personnel in this highly competitive industry. During the 4-year education period, we ensure that students have information on every subject in the field of e-commerce. In this context; management, business, finance, economy, trade, strategy, project management and entrepreneurship, and E-Business, E-Marketing, Digital Marketing, electronic customer relationship management (E-CRM), Software, programming, database management, web programming, web We implement a broad-based program that blends information technology topics such as design and design.
Intensive programmed courses are also reinforced with practice courses. Students who see real problems and produce solutions to them step into the sector with the software programs they have implemented. In addition to applied courses, compulsory internship is an important program in bringing students to the sector. Students who do internships in companies in the sector, then directly enter the business life in these companies.
It also applies to the preparatory class at Yeditepe University, Electronic Commerce and Management. The preparatory class also prepares students for 100% English classes that they will attend for 4 years. Learning professional terms in English is very important not only in Student Exchange Programs but also in business life. The advantages of knowing a foreign language take students one step ahead in the sector.

What Do Electronic Commerce and Management Graduates Do?

Students who graduate from the Department of Electronic Commerce and Management can work in companies operating in the field of e-commerce. Students who can use the experiences they have gained throughout their education life in these companies and accelerate the company they are affiliated with; In e-business development and process management, in strategic management departments, in software and programming development and database creation processes, in companies providing services in web programming and web design, in units related to market research and data analysis in e-commerce, product development in e-marketing and product/brand management. Students who can start their careers as E-CRM supervisors can also continue their careers in digital advertising and promotion departments. Students who want to work in agencies can contribute to themselves not only in the digital world, but also in other advertising areas and have information about other details brought by the profession.
Graduates; They have the opportunity to find jobs in other positions such as mobile entrepreneur, digital marketing manager, technical account manager, supply chain director, sales planning manager, digital sales specialist, e-product development manager, data analyst, e-export manager, web content manager.

What are the career opportunities / working areas after graduating from the Electronic Commerce and Technology Management Department?
The rapid growth of the E-Commerce Sector in Turkey also reveals a significant labor shortage in this field. As Yeditepe, Faculty of Commercial Sciences, it is our mission to follow the sectoral developments, analyze the needs here and take steps towards this.
E-Commerce and Management Department graduates of companies operating in the field of e-commerce,

  • Strategic Management Departments in the field of e-Business development and process management
  • Web programming, Web Design subjects,
  • In software and programming development, database management processes,
  • In the units related to Market Research and Data Analysis in E-Commerce,
  • In the field of Product Development and Product / Brand Management in E-Marketing,
  • As E-CRM manager,
  • They can work in Digital Advertising and Promotion departments.

Our Mission and Vision

As the Department of Electronic Commerce and Management, our mission is to provide graduates with the necessary equipment to meet the needs specific to the field of e-commerce. The elimination of physical distances by the internet and the globalization of the markets have increased the intensity of competition, while making it necessary for the enterprises to use all the instruments they have in the most efficient way. In this context, electronic commerce (e-commerce), which is an important instrument in terms of competitive advantage, is spreading rapidly all over the world and is accepted as a new business model by many businesses. E-commerce, which enables all kinds of real buying and selling transactions in virtual environments, ensures that transactions are carried out at high speeds, while at the same time it eliminates all kinds of intermediary costs and provides extremely important cost advantages for businesses.
our vision
As the Department of Electronic Commerce and Management, our vision is to train professionals who can meet the specialized workforce needs arising from the widespread use of e-commerce in both commercial and financial services markets, and in this direction, to transform the latest theoretical and practical knowledge in management, trade, technology, computer and software into sectoral applications. to enable conversion.

Electronic Commerce and Management Courses

You can get detailed information about the courses by reviewing the Electronic Commerce and Management Curriculum page. You can access and review the relevant page here.

Erasmus+ Internship and Student Exchange Programs

The Department of Electronic Commerce and Management has student exchange program agreements with the following universities as of the fall semester of the 2023/24 academic year:

1- Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg Karlsruhe | Germany

2- Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu | Romania

Students of the Department of Electronic Commerce and Management also benefit from the quotas of the Department of Business Administration and the Department of International Trade and Business.

Students who want to continue their education abroad can find detailed information here.

There are also internship opportunities abroad with Erasmus+ Internship Mobility. Students who want to benefit from internship opportunities abroad can find application dates and detailed information here.

Bologna Process

In the Bologna Process, which is a student-oriented education program; It is aimed to train individuals who have intensive practical knowledge, can adapt existing programs according to the needs of the sector, and make these programs highly qualified to respond to Turkey and the whole world. In the Bologna Process, in which individuals who can take part in projects or take responsibility alone are brought to the sector, the requirements of professional ethical rules and laws are also taught to the students.

Double Major and Minor Major Opportunities


Our Students' Thoughts About Our Department

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