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Our Mission

The main purpose of the logistics management department is to train individuals who are practical, versatile, can use technology well, and have high knowledge of foreign languages in the fields of transportation and storage through modern education systems. The department aims to offer its students the opportunity to start their business life one step ahead by providing adequate training in both informatics and professional fields. The department, which trains individuals who are conscious of integrated logistics solutions, trains employees with standards that can best guide the future. The most important goal is to train strategic solution partners so that graduates, who will make the most important contributions to the development of global trade, become a solid link in the supply chain. The department, which aims to train high-performance individuals to work in the supply field of businesses and to keep the efficiency of commercial enterprises at the highest level, undertakes to instill a sense of social responsibility in its students for the purpose of social development.

Our vision

The department of logistics management aims to be a department that provides the best opportunities to students in both logistics and informatics by closely following all developments in the global arena. The most important vision of the department is to train high-standard personnel who can work in the sector, are transparent, reliable and will produce strategic solutions in their field. It is aimed to increase the importance of the logistics sector in the global market by training managers and personnel who can think analytically and know how to approach problems in a solution-oriented manner. In order for the department to always remain alive, recruiting brand new personnel to the sector is among the main goals.