International Exchange: Erasmus and Other Exchange Programs

Our faculty has bilateral agreements with over 100 higher education institutions abroad and greatly values internaional exchange. The department of International Management (German) hosts many students from all over the world every semester and sends its own students abroad in return. Our department has Erasmus agreements with 18 universities in Austria and Germany, and double diploma agreements with 3 universities. A list of the universities we have agreements with can be found at the bottom.

For more information on international exchange, students can consult the International Office website or consult our Erasmus Coordinator,  Prof. Dr.  E. Şule Aydeniz.


Erasmus Coordinator


Prof. Dr. E. Şule Aydeniz

 Phone: 1731

 Office: İİBF 403



Universities with Erasmus Agreements


Universities with a Dual Diploma in Accreditation