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The Department of Electronic Commerce and Technology Management offers the opportunity to understand new trends in E-commerce applications and give chance to discover new business models on web-based platforms. We create opportunities for our students to become entrepreneurs in the e-commerce sector. E-commerce education covers management, business, finance, economics, commerce, strategy, project management and entrepreneurship with e-business, e-marketing, digital marketing, electronic customer service management (E-CRM), software, programming, data management and web programming. New career opportunities are rising for the e-commerce sector in Turkey and worldwide. 

2018-2019 OSYM Score TYPE - Base Points and Placement Results:

  Total Choose Min Max
Equal Weight 5 5 385,68245  396,94088
50 Percent Scholorship 20 20 240,15698 318,09109

Within the department, there is also the E-Commerce Master's Degree Program, with or without thesis. The necessary information can be found on the Department webpage of the Institute of Social Sciences.


► Master's Degree Program in E-Commerce and Technology Management

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Infographic of the Department of Electronic Commerce and Technology Management

Assoc. Prof. Altan Kar
Department Head