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Mar/29 16:00

Since the call for applications is within the scope of a customized project, it is opened only for the undergraduate programs of the following departments;

  • Political Science and International Relations (Korea)
  • Business Administration (Korea)
  • Russian Language and Literature (Russia)
  • Translation Science (Russia)

Click for the Call for Applications and Promotional Seminars.

Online Guiding Seminar: 29.03.2024, Friday - 16:00

E-mails regarding your application-related questions and technical problems will be answered until March 28, 2024. A solution to the technical problems contained in subsequent e-mails may not be found due to time constraints.

Applications will be made through the National Agency Portal. (Technical Manual)

It is the responsibility of students to complete the application completely by the application deadline.

Friday, 29 March, 2024 - 16:00