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Application form for taking courses from another university  

Additional Documents: Approved Syllaby,

Approval: Lecturer's approval of the requested course's syllaby, Academic advisor's approval of the requested course.

Double Major and Minor Program Application and Registration Form  

Additional Documents: Transcript.

Approval: Double Major/Minor Coordinator's approval, approval of both Department Chairs.

Double Major Course Substitution   
Petition for the transfer of the common and equivalent courses in the Double Major Program.
Course add-drop-withdrawal form  

Additional Documents: Transcript,

Approval: Academic advisor's approval. 

Summer School Additional Course Application Form  

The form will be used in case a student needs to enroll in more courses than his/her course load.

Additional Documents: Transcript, Follow up or Cirriculum, the list of registered courses

Approval: Academic advisor's approval

Unlimited Exam Rights Form  

Additional Documents: Transcript, Follow up or Cirriculum

Approval: Academic advisor's approval

Course Substitution Form   

Additional Documents: Official transcript issued by the institution where courses were taken.

Deferment Application Form  


Make Up Exam Request  

Additional Documents: Document for the excuse.

Appeal for the Exam Grade  

The form should be submitted within seven days following the announcement of the grades.
Additional Documents: A copy of the student's exam paper

Approval: The course lecturer's approval

Single Course Exam Form   Additional Documents: Transcript, Follow up or Cirriculumi.