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Student Admission

Student admissions are conducted in three ways (ÖSYS, Student Transfer and International Student Admission).


Student is placed as a result of the Higher Education Council Student Selection and Placement Examination (ÖSYS) based on TM-2 scores.

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2. Student Transfer

Intra-Institutional and inter-institutional transfer can be done according the central placement score.

Transfer application dates and quotas are posted on the website of the university each year at the University's Academic Calendar. Fundamental rules for transfers are also available on the university website (

Students make transfer applications at the Central Student Affairs Office. The Central Student Affairs Office passes the transfer applications (approved by the University Transfer Committee) to the Faculties. The faculties examine the official transcript of the applicant student and determine the courses that may be exempted from the applied academic program.


General Rules for Intra-institutional Transfers:

A) Intra-institutional transfers can be made to any undergraduate program / program in the university.

B) There cannot be any transfers in the first two semesters and the last two semesters of the undergraduate programs.

C) In order to apply for a transfer application between undergraduate programs, it is required that the central placement score of the student in the score type applied to the economics program as of the year in which the student enters the center examination is not less than the lowest score of the undergraduate programs of other universities in the country equivalent to the Economics program.


General Rules for Inter-Institutional Transfers According to Central Placement Score

a) Inter-Institutional Transfers according to Central Placement Scores are carried out among the undergraduate programs that take students according to the central placement score of the higher education institutions.

b) In accordance with the Central Placement Points, the applicant is required to have the placement score equal to or higher than the lowest point of the Yeditepe University Economics bachelor's degree program in the score type valid for the undergraduate program that the student wishes to pass.

c) Inter-Institutional Transfer according to Central Placement Scores may be made to in-between classes, including the preparatory classes of undergraduate programs.

d) If the number of qualified applicants mentioned in the 2nd article above does not exceed 10% of the total quota of the relevant program in the Student Selection and Placement System (OSYS) Guide of the year in which the application is made, all the registrations will be made. According to the Central Placement Scores of any program, the quota for Inter-institutional Transfers is determined on the basis of the total quota in the OSY guide for the relevant year provided that it is not separate for each semester and for each class. If the number of candidates is more than the quota, candidates are registered starting with the highest score of the ÖSYS placement score.

Transfer quotas and more detailed information are available on our university website (

3. Admission of Foreign Students

The principles regarding the acceptance of foreign students to higher education institutions are available at the website of the Higher Education Council (

Foreign students can apply electronically in English or Turkish at the International Office website (

Students will send copies of the diplomas listed on the International Office's website, a certificate of eligibility for university education, a transcript and a reference letter to the International Office. Students are required to bring the originals of the required documents to the Student Affairs Office to register.

The International Office will forward the completed application files to the Faculty Dean. The faculties examine the official transcript of the applicant student and determine the courses that may be exempted from the applied academic program.