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Welcome to the French Political Science and International Relations Department. Since the same year as the Yeditepe University, founded in 1996, the Department of French Political Science and International Relations has provided education in an interdisciplinary approach within the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. Education is given in French in subjects as International Relations, Law, Economy, International Politics, Sociology and the European Union. In this way, you will h

In this way, you will have the opportunity to develop your ability to think and research in a foreign language. In fact, graduating from a Bachelor's degree, you will also have acquired the ability to defend your final thesis in French in writing and orally in front of a jury. To help you develop your talents, we present the opportunities of our university, faculty and department in our country and abroad.

While we offer opportunities such as scholarships, Erasmus program, double major and minor, internship opportunities, the right for a Master’s Degree in France, we would like to graduate you as individuals in the awareness of your national and international responsibilities.

Be sure that you will be preferred to important positions, like our previous graduates, when you apply for jobs at important domestic and as well as overseas institutions and organizations. As instructors who assist you in your education, we will also have the happiness of sending you to the business world and the community as well-equipped individuals.



Associate Prof. Gökçe BAYINDIR GOULARAS