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Preparatory School

Our program at Yeditepe University is taught in English. Students are required to provide proof of their English proficiency in order to start their education in the program. The following methods are available:

1- A minimum grade of 550 (Paper-Delivered Test), 213 (Computer-Based Test), or 79 (Internet Based Test) on the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). In order for the results of the TOEFL test to be accepted by Yeditepe University, exam results must be submitted directly to the Yeditepe University by the examining institution (the exam result document is not accepted). This can be done before the exam (or as an additional service) by entering the Yeditepe University institution code (7050).

2- Students who succeed in the Foreign Language Proficiency Exam organized by Yeditepe University are deemed to have proved their English proficiency and are exempt from the Preparatory School. Foreign Language Proficiency exams are held at the day, time, and place declared by the Rectorate of Yeditepe University. In order to be successful in the Foreign Language Proficiency Exam, our students are required to score at least 60 out of 100 on the exam.

3- Students who score 59 or less in the Foreign Language Proficiency Exam organized by Yeditepe University enter the Placement Examination. Students whose English proficiency levels are determined as the result of this exam will continue to the Yeditepe University English Preparatory School depending on their level.

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