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Prof. Dr. Füsun Bulutlar                                                                      

Prof. Dr. Füsun Bulutlar                                                                      Dr. Assistant Professor​ Çağla Demir Pali
Department Head                                                                                 Department Vice Head                                                         





International Trade and Business is a rapidly developing multidisciplinary research field that is a result of the Global Age we live in. The aim of our field is to understand and analyze the processes and problems of the new global order created by Economic Globalization. Economic Globalization refers to the increase in relations between countries through international trade and capital movements over the past forty years. The main underlying factor behind this increase is rapid advancements in technology. On the one hand, new financial techniques and instruments create a global banking and financial system, while on the other hand, new production techniques, business models, and employment forms lead to a more integrated world economy. To the extent that a small change in the interest rate made by the United States due to its domestic policies can affect global financial markets. Similarly, the impact of the United States imposing taxes on a product imported from any country (such as China) can be reflected on numerous countries (for example, all of Europe or Southeast Asian countries) due to these complex connections. Globalization, as seen, presents challenges for our country in terms of economic, technological, political, and cultural dimensions, but at the same time, it also brings opportunities. Therefore, it is of great importance to examine and understand Economic Globalization in order to overcome these challenges and take advantage of the opportunities.

As a developing country, Turkey's ability to become an important player in this process depends on setting clear long-term and short-term goals and objectives (vision and mission) and updating them according to changing conditions. One of the most important elements in this process is for Turkey to have a well-educated workforce (human capital).

In this context, the aim of the International Trade and Business Department at Yeditepe University is to educate managerial candidates equipped with the necessary knowledge and techniques to understand and analyze this complex economic and social order, and who can operate in almost every sector, be it national or international. Our graduates embrace the values of their own countries, respect universal values, aim to constantly improve themselves, and contribute to their surroundings.

As the largest department of our Faculty of Commerce, we offer a contemporary and modern education and training program.

We can list the main features of our program as follows:

  • A program that is regularly updated in parallel with national and international developments.
  • We provide our students with education and diplomas that are compatible with the Bologna System and international standards.
  • In addition to English, students are required to learn a Second Foreign Language (German, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese).
  • Students can plan their education according to their areas of interest through Compulsory, Departmental Elective, and Free Elective course groups.
  • Wide range of opportunities for Double Major and Minor programs.
  • Opportunity for education in Europe through the Erasmus Program and the possibility of teaching with European students who come to our department through the Erasmus Program.
  • We provide students with the opportunity to gain experience in the business world and perhaps find employment after graduation through the Compulsory Internship program.
  • In our Finance Laboratory, where real-time market and company data are used, we offer students the opportunity to develop knowledge and experience in financial analysis and techniques.
  • Close collaboration between students and faculty members through Consultancy Services.
  • Opportunity to participate in social activities in addition to International Trade, Finance, and Logistics Clubs, through around 40 Student Clubs at the university.



Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

The Department of International Trade and Business has taken on the important task of conducting education and training activities that are modern and in line with international standards. The department's most important mission is to educate candidates who are successful in their field, possess a contemporary mindset, have been trained in subjects such as foreign trade and finance in the best possible way, and can utilize their scientific and technological competencies for both public and private businesses in the industry. The department's foremost mission is to cultivate individuals who enhance the value of the organization they work for and are aware of their social responsibilities.

Our Vision

The Department of International Trade and Business aims to ensure the comprehensive delivery of all education and training activities within its scope and the development of highly competent graduates in all aspects. The department has important objectives in training personnel who can meet international standards and position businesses in the best possible way in the global world order.

What is the Department of International Trade and Business?

International Trade and Business is a field that aims to better understand the functioning of the new processes in the continuously evolving and changing world order, while focusing on identifying the needs of trade sectors on an international level. The main goal of this field is to educate individuals who can adapt to developments with their knowledge and skills in the face of the effects created by globalization in the economic domain. The undergraduate program in International Trade and Business offers students the opportunity to become proficient in foreign languages, international trade topics, and all aspects of trade life.

The advantages offered by the department to students include closely following technology, accessing information in the easiest way and utilizing it in professional fields, and being able to speak foreign languages at a professional level. Throughout their education, students have the opportunity to develop themselves in various areas, becoming self-confident, knowledgeable in entrepreneurship, and creative individuals who can take their place in the business world. The International Trade and Business Department provides students with much more skills than expected, offering possibilities for employment in different fields. Students in this field have the opportunity to pursue careers in various companies while also having the chance to establish their own businesses and become successful entrepreneurs. Students who have completed their high school education in the Equal Weight branch can benefit from these advantages and plan for a brighter future.

Studying International Trade and Business at Yeditepe University

Studying at Yeditepe University's Department of International Trade and Business brings the privileges of working in internationally connected jobs. The increasing importance of trade in the global world order and the continuous development of relations between countries create a growing need for individuals trained in this field. The need for personnel with knowledge, experience, and skills in order for businesses to operate in the global markets instead of being limited to national boundaries also continues to increase. Students are not only loaded with theoretical knowledge but also supported in becoming more social individuals through internship programs, company visits, and various social activities.

The department aims to educate individuals who can adapt to the dynamics of the modern age. It plays a crucial role in keeping the business world alive. Students who get to know the companies that shape the business world during their education and aspire to build careers in these companies become proficient in foreign languages and have a comprehensive understanding of trade. The Department of International Trade and Business is one of the high-demand fields with high minimum admission scores and graduates many successful professionals in the business world every year.

Yeditepe University provides significant support to students aiming for careers in the field through various projects. Student exchange programs such as ERASMUS and internships at businesses operating in the trade sector help students gradually prepare for their professional lives.

Graduates of the department can plan high-level careers with a wide range of job opportunities. The department aims to train future managers who will work in national and global companies. Graduates also have opportunities to work in service areas such as customs consulting. Students who participate in the Public Personnel Selection Examination can work as specialist officers in government positions like many other graduates and have the opportunity to plan a career in the public sector. After graduation, students of the department have the capacity to establish international business connections on behalf of a company.

What does an International Trade and Business graduate do? Where do they work?

What advantages can the Department of International Trade and Business at Yeditepe University provide to its graduates in terms of gaining a competitive edge in their professional careers?

The Department of International Trade and Business offers its graduates the advantage of two mandatory internships and the opportunity to learn a second foreign language. These experiences contribute to their competitiveness and provide them with valuable practical experience. Additionally, students are encouraged to participate in the Erasmus Program to enhance their international experience. The department also organizes various conferences and panel discussions, allowing students to interact with distinguished academics and representatives from the business world.

What are the career opportunities and areas of work after graduating from the Department of International Trade and Business?

Graduates of the Department of International Trade and Business can work in various positions and sectors related to international trade. Some common career paths include working in foreign trade departments of companies, import-export divisions, international business development roles, international banking departments, customs and customs clearance firms, logistics companies, and insurance companies.

Furthermore, graduates can find job opportunities in both public and private sector organizations where graduates of Economics, Business Administration, and Economics and Administrative Sciences faculties are employed.

International Trade and Business graduates have the opportunity to work in numerous companies engaged in trade activities. With the skills they acquire during their education, they can be employed in various positions, especially in global companies, as they excel in foreign language proficiency.

Graduates of the department are sought-after candidates for positions in companies involved in international trade or those looking to expand into international markets. They can find employment in a wide range of organizations globally and assume significant roles in the field of international trade. The graduates are seen as important assets in the context of the country's economy and societal development, as they fulfill their responsibilities in these areas.

Graduates have the opportunity to work in various positions in both private and public sector organizations. They can be employed in different areas such as production, supply chain management, marketing, and human resources in companies. Candidates who value their work and constantly keep up with innovations can rise to managerial positions. Graduates who prefer not to work under a company can establish their own international business and provide services to multiple companies simultaneously. The Department of International Trade and Business, recognized as one of the most promising fields, equips students with the necessary knowledge and skills for their future endeavors.

Student Exchange Programs

International Student Mobility: Erasmus and Other Exchange Programs

The Department of International Trade and Business hosts numerous students from universities worldwide and sends its own students to these universities through the Erasmus and exchange programs. You can find updated information on the partner universities through the website provided in the link. (

To apply for international exchange programs and obtain detailed information, you can visit the website of the Yeditepe University International Office ( or contact our Erasmus coordinator, Dr. Assistant Professor​ Çağla Demir Pali


Dr. Assistant Professor Çağla Demir Pali

Office: İİBF 648

Double Major and Minor Opportunities

Double Major and Minor Coordinator

M. Sait Çakır

Öğr. Gör. M. Sait Çakır



Yeditepe University's Department of International Trade and Business students can benefit from the opportunities of double major and minor programs in addition to their main programs. In the minor programs, students have the opportunity to obtain a certificate in fields that will support their professional areas and enhance their job prospects. The application dates for double major and minor programs are specified within the Academic Calendar each year.

Here are the double major programs we have agreements with:

- E-commerce and Management

- Management Information Systems

- Political Science and International Relations (English)

- Political Science and International Relations (French)

- Russian Language and Literature

- English Language and Literature

- Logistics Management

- Tourism Management

- Translation and Interpreting

- Public Relations and Publicity

- Agricultural Trade and Management

- International Finance

International Trade and Business Courses

You can get detailed information about the courses by reviewing the International Trade and Business Course page. You can access and review the relevant page from here

International Trade and Business Scholarship Opportunities

Yeditepe University's Department of International Trade and Business offers scholarship privileges to students who are eligible based on their ranking and have been admitted to the program. You can access all the information about the scholarship opportunities provided by the university from here.

International Trade and Business Department Fees and Prices

You can check this page for Yeditepe University International Trade and Management Department 2023 - 2024 academic year tuition fees.