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Prof. Dr. Füsun Bulutlar
Department Head


International Trade and Business is a rapidly developing multidisciplinary field of research in the present Global Age. Through the lenses of economics and management science, our field aims to understand and analyze the concept of economic globalization, the increase in complex relations among countries through international trade and capital movements happening in the last four decades. Technological development is the driving force behind economic globalization. On the one hand new financial techniques and instruments create a global banking and financial system. On the other, novel forms of production and business organization lead to a more integrated world economy. So much so that a small change in the interest rate in the United States due to domestic policies can affect global financial markets. Similarly, a tax imposed by the U.S. on a commodity imported from another country (such as China) can have impacts on many other countries (such as European or South East Asian Countries) due to complex international connections.

Globalization creates an opportunity for Turkey, a developing country, to become a significant player in this increasingly integrated economy. The main factor for Turkey’s success in this era of globalization will be the development of a well-trained work force. A robust human capital will enable Turkey to determine its long- and short-term goals correctly, and continously renew itself concerning changing conditions.

The International Trade and Business Department of Yeditepe University is committed to educate the leading executive candidates for national and international companies, equipped with the knowledge and critical-thinking skills to understand and analyze the present complex economic and social order. We educate our students to embrace national and universal values, to be life-long learners and to contribute to their society. With the skills they develop in our department, our graduates will be able to take full advantage of the opportunities presented by the world of academia and business.

The main features of our program can be listed as follows.

A program that is renewed periodically in line with national and international developments.

•  An experienced Academic Staff. The department has a total of  9  full-time faculty members, comprising five Professors, two Associate Professors and two Assistant Professors. Also, we have three Professors, two Associate Professors and one Assistant Professor from other departments and six part-time faculty members who teach at our department, adding up to more than 20 faculty members in total.

•  We offer our students an education and Bachelor of Arts Program in accordance with the Bologna System.

• Students are required to learn a Second Foreign Language (German, French, Spanish, Russian, or Chinese) besides English.

• Students can plan their education path according to their interests with the help of Departmental Elective and Free Elective Courses.

• There is a wide range of Double Major and Minor Programs.

• We offer the opportunity to study in Europe and with European Students who come to our department as a part of the Erasmus Program.

• Our Finance Laboratory enables our students to develop their financial analysis skills by providing them with real-time market and company data.

• With compulsory internship, students gain experience in business life and get a head start in the job search.

• We assure a close cooperation between students and faculty members by consulting service.

• We promote the opportunity to participate in social activities in around 40 Student Clubs around the University as well as International Trade, Finance and Logistics Clubs of our faculty.