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"Logistics" refers to the effective and efficient planning, application and control of the flow of materials, services and information for responding to the needs and demands of customers (from the point where raw materials for production are acquired, to the point where the manufactured products are delivered to the consumers.) In line with the development of the logistics sector in our country, the demand for a workforce of experts who are specialized in Logistics and Transportation has increased and continues to grow. Realizing this demand, our University commenced the Undergraduate Program in Logistics and Transportation in 2001. Our aim is to provide the necessary educational upbringing for future business professionals who are specialized in the management of Logistics and Transportation related operations in firms that are involved in the production and/or trade of goods.

The Department of International Logistics and Transportation uses its close connections with the leading firms in the sector for educating its students with a curriculum that's constantly updated in line with the latest sectoral experiences and developments. The Department also gives its students the ability to specialize in a specific field of Logistics through the customized selection of elective courses.

The Department's Academic Program has an interdisciplinary structure. Apart from providing detailed information regarding the topics in the fields of Logistics and Transportation, the course curriculum also covers many topics in the fields of Business Administration and Commerce. The students are also given the opportunity to learn two or more foreign languages, which will increase their chances of finding jobs in a wide range of public/private sectors and domestic/foreign companies. Our graduates can work in national or international Logistics and Transportation companies, or can be employed in the Supply Chain Management (SCM) departments of diverse types of firms as experts or managers. Therefore, a wide range of employment opportunities, job positions and sectors are available for our graduates.

The International Logistics and Transportation Program is suitable for students who are pursuing an active career in the related fields and who wish to enhance their knowledge and skills for success in the global economic environment. The rapidly growing Turkish logistics sector offers numerous opportunities for graduates who have been educated to become business professionals in this field, which has a large demand for a specialized workforce of experts and managers. Also, new laws and regulations have made it obligatory for international logistics and transportation firms to employ managers who have sector-specific university diplomas, to make sure that they have the necessary educational background, knowledge, skills and expertise that are required in these fields.

Our Department also offers Double Major or Minor programs for students in other Departments within Yeditepe University. Our graduates can continue their studies at Yeditepe University's Graduate School of Social Sciences, which offers several Master's Degree (with/without thesis) and Ph.D. Degree Programs, or at other universities in both Turkey and abroad. For graduates who would like to establish their own companies operating in this sector, having an educational background in the field will be a major advantage.

Lectures are taught in English 100 %

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Prof. Dr. Erkut Akkartal
Department Head