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"Logistics" refers to the effective and efficient planning, application and control of the flow of materials, services and information for responding to the needs and demands of customers (from the point where raw materials for production are acquired, to the point where the manufactured products are delivered to the consumers.) In line with the development of the logistics sector in our country, the demand for a workforce of experts who are specialized in Logistics and Transportation has increased and continues to grow. Realizing this demand, our University commenced the Undergraduate Program in Logistics and Transportation in 2001. Our aim is to provide the necessary educational upbringing for future business professionals who are specialized in the management of Logistics and Transportation related operations in firms that are involved in the production and/or trade of goods.

The Department of International Logistics and Transportation uses its close connections with the leading firms in the sector for educating its students with a curriculum that's constantly updated in line with the latest sectoral experiences and developments. The Department also gives its students the ability to specialize in a specific field of Logistics through the customized selection of elective courses.

The Department's Academic Program has an interdisciplinary structure. Apart from providing detailed information regarding the topics in the fields of Logistics and Transportation, the course curriculum also covers many topics in the fields of Business Administration and Commerce. The students are also given the opportunity to learn two or more foreign languages, which will increase their chances of finding jobs in a wide range of public/private sectors and domestic/foreign companies. Our graduates can work in national or international Logistics and Transportation companies, or can be employed in the Supply Chain Management (SCM) departments of diverse types of firms as experts or managers. Therefore, a wide range of employment opportunities, job positions and sectors are available for our graduates.

The International Logistics and Transportation Program is suitable for students who are pursuing an active career in the related fields and who wish to enhance their knowledge and skills for success in the global economic environment. The rapidly growing Turkish logistics sector offers numerous opportunities for graduates who have been educated to become business professionals in this field, which has a large demand for a specialized workforce of experts and managers. Also, new laws and regulations have made it obligatory for international logistics and transportation firms to employ managers who have sector-specific university diplomas, to make sure that they have the necessary educational background, knowledge, skills and expertise that are required in these fields.

Our Department also offers Double Major or Minor programs for students in other Departments within Yeditepe University. Our graduates can continue their studies at Yeditepe University's Graduate School of Social Sciences, which offers several Master's Degree (with/without thesis) and Ph.D. Degree Programs, or at other universities in both Turkey and abroad. For graduates who would like to establish their own companies operating in this sector, having an educational background in the field will be a major advantage.

Lectures are taught in English 100 %

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Prof. Dr. Erkut Akkartal
Department Head 

What is Logistics Management?

Logistics aims to provide services to many companies in sea, air and land transportation, with the aim of creating easier access to common markets in the globalizing world. Many companies serving in this field need trained personnel in order to appeal to a wider audience and raise their standards. In meeting this need, the "Logistics Management Department" responds to the needs of the sector by providing all the necessary training.

The logistics management department within the Department of Economics and Administrative Sciences is a department that aims to train the manpower needed by both manufacturers and commercial enterprises in the best possible way. Candidates who want to be students of this department must graduate from equally weighted departments of the relevant schools. In the department, which offers a wide range of job opportunities, people have the opportunity to work in different sectors. The key task of logistics personnel working in businesses is to ensure that work is carried out in an orderly, efficient and safe manner, and to carry out storage and goods distribution within a certain program. In addition, preparing the orders coming to the company on time and sending them to the relevant places is also within the job descriptions of this area. Areas where they can work include specialized distribution companies, ports and large warehouses, manufacturing companies, commercial organizations and retail businesses. Graduates of the department, who have the opportunity to work in a wide range of fields, may also have the opportunity to work in the public sector by taking the relevant exams.

Logistics Management Department Tution Fees

You can check this page for Yeditepe University Logistics Management Department tuition fees for the 2023 - 2024 academic year.

Logistics Management Department Scholarship Opportunities

Yeditepe University aims to provide a better education to its students who are eligible to study in the "Logistics Management" department with different scholarship opportunities. If you would like to learn about scholarship opportunities for the department, you can review the scholarship page. From here you can quickly access the relevant page and see the scholarship amounts.

Studying Logistics Management at Yeditepe University

The logistics management department is extremely important in creating a safer distribution in businesses. It is the field where a wide range of services are provided, starting from the end of the production process of the products to their delivery to the consumer. Receiving training in this field allows people to work more organized and also ensures that distribution channels and storage activities in the private sector are carried out professionally. Personnel who provide services in areas such as storage after production, transportation of products to vehicles, transportation to relevant places and re-storage activities when necessary receive the best training in their fields.

There is a great need for graduates of the logistics management department to ensure rapid operation in the trade sector, which is an important area of the globalizing world. The gradual disappearance of global borders makes it necessary for these people to work abroad. During the training, students not only learn all the information they need to use in their field, but also learn to follow technology closely, adapt these developments to business life, and provide service at much better standards with modern systems. The department, which educates individuals who improve their business and are always open to innovation, helps students become logistics personnel who are experts in their fields.

During the training, students who take basic introductory courses receive completely career-oriented training in other classes. In courses where the concepts of warehousing, integration and logistics are expressed in the best way, students have the opportunity to learn their own departments in detail. In the department where courses such as Logistics Law and Information Technologies are given emphasis, English language training is also provided successfully. Students who learn a second language during their education graduate from their departments fully equipped. In addition, students of the department, whose education is supported by internship programs during the summer periods, have the opportunity to apply the theoretical lessons they have learned during the semester in practice. During the program, each student is required to learn two foreign languages and do internships in two different places.


What Does a Logistics Management Graduate Do? Where Do They Work?

There is a wide sector distribution in terms of job opportunities for logistics management graduates. Graduates have the opportunity to find employment in many trade and production enterprises operating both nationally and internationally. Students who can work as logistics and warehousing personnel in their own fields can, over time, work in middle and senior management positions in the institution they work for.

Graduates who gain experience in a private company can set a higher career goal by establishing their own logistics company in the future. In addition, they can work in purchasing departments of companies or be one of the sought-after people in smart storage and distribution units. Department graduates who can continue their careers in customs companies may also have the opportunity to work in manufacturing companies, ports, warehouses and retailers.

When graduates of the logistics department master a foreign language, they can work in companies abroad and gain career opportunities in the international arena. Graduates of the department can also take civil servant selection exams and have the opportunity to work in the state staff in their own field or in different fields. The majority of graduate candidates have achieved their career goals in the private sector.

Companies where Yeditepe Logistics management graduates work are DHL, CEVA Logistics, Ekol Logistics, UPS, FedEx, Maersk, etc. are listed as.

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

The main purpose of the logistics management department is to train individuals who are practical, versatile, can use technology well, and have high knowledge of foreign languages in the fields of transportation and storage through modern education systems. The department aims to offer its students the opportunity to start their business life one step ahead by providing adequate training in both informatics and professional fields. The department, which trains individuals who are conscious of integrated logistics solutions, trains employees with standards that can best guide the future. The most important goal is to train strategic solution partners so that graduates, who will make the most important contributions to the development of global trade, become a solid link in the supply chain. The department, which aims to train high-performance individuals to work in the supply field of businesses and to keep the efficiency of commercial enterprises at the highest level, undertakes to instill a sense of social responsibility in its students for the purpose of social development.

Our vision

The department of logistics management aims to be a department that provides the best opportunities to students in both logistics and informatics by closely following all developments in the global arena. The most important vision of the department is to train high-standard personnel who can work in the sector, are transparent, reliable and will produce strategic solutions in their field. It is aimed to increase the importance of the logistics sector in the global market by training managers and personnel who can think analytically and know how to approach problems in a solution-oriented manner. In order for the department to always remain alive, recruiting brand new personnel to the sector is among the main goals.

Student Exchange Programs

Many students can have the opportunity to study abroad with the education programs conducted by Yeditepe University in countries such as Germany, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and Portugal. Within these educational programs, students have the opportunity to both improve their foreign language skills and get to know different cultures within the scope of ERASMUS.

You can visit this page to access the list of Erasmus contracted universities.

Major and Minor Opportunities

Students accepted to the university with a good Logistics Management Department ranking score can also benefit from double major and minor branch opportunities. Students who gain skills in different fields through these programs have the opportunity to shape their career lives professionally. After the training they receive, students are entitled to the "Minor Branch Certificate". You can visit this page to get more information about Double Major and Minor. You can visit this page for the Double Major and Minor Registration form.



Logistics Student Club

About Club:

Yeditepe University Logistics Club was founded in 2006 by Güvenç Arca and a group of entrepreneurial students studying at Yeditepe University Faculty of Commercial Sciences, Department of International Logistics and Transportation. Logistics Club, which has been in the establishment phase this year, has attracted the attention of many circles with the initiatives it has taken in recent years. Yeditepe University Logistics Club, which was restructured especially after 2007, started to experience its golden age in 2008. During this period, with his studies; It has entered the "most active club" ranking of our school, strengthened its sectoral relations, attracted the attention of different logistics clubs, and gained the appreciation of important companies and institutions in the logistics sector. Continuing its work with strong momentum, the Logistics Club is becoming a leading club with the activities it carries out.

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