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Students who will do internship should first contact the Department Internship Coordinators.

Logistics Management Internship Coordinator: Assistant Prof. Dr. İsmail Birer 


Phone: 0 216 578 00 00 (3112)

Door: İİBF-539

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When can I start my internship?

You can start your internship from the last day of the final exams. There is no internship during the semester.

What do I need to do after taking the internship course?

Students who take the internship course in the spring semester, after making an agreement with the company where they will do the internship, send the Internship Application Form via e-mail to the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences (IIBF) Student Affairs ( by adding their advisor to the CC.

When should I submit the internship application form?

The Internship Application Form must be submitted in full to the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Student Affairs ( via e-mail no later than 15 days before the internship start date.

Can I do my second internship at the same company?

The student can do his/her internship in the same company, but he/she must do the internship in a different deparment than the first internship. The second internship in the same department of the company will be considered invalid even if the notebook is submitted.

Can I do an internship at my family's or relative's company?

Compulsory internships aim to provide students with a different experience in the sector and prepare them for business life. For this reason, it is not appropriate to do an internship in your family or close relative's company.

How many days is the internship duration?

The internship duration is 30 working days for both the 1st and 2nd internships. Public holidays are not included in the 30 business days. If the company where you will do your internship counts Saturday as working day, this day will also be considered a working day.

How should I fill out my internship book?

Students write a daily report in the Internship book, which the student must fill out, starting from the date the internship begins. In this report, he/she states in detail what kind of responsibilities he/she assumed during his internship at the workplace. Students must write a report on the work they have done during the internship.

What should I do after completing the internship?

After completing your internship, you must have the company sign the relevant areas that require signature and stamp in the Internship Book, which you filled out on a computer and in the form of a daily report in English. Internship books with missing stamps and signatures are not accepted. The printed internship notebook must be spiral bound. When the internship period is completed, the Intern Evaluation Form is given to the authorized person at the workplace and this document is completed, signed and comments are added and delivered to the student in a sealed envelope. The internship notebook is delivered to the instructor in a spiral form, together with the Intern Evaluation Form in a sealed envelope.

Can I do a volunteer internship?

In addition to the compulsory internship, voluntary internships can also be done. To do this, you can also use Internship Application Form (tick the volunteer box) and send your documents via e-mail to the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Student Affairs ( by adding your advisor to the CC.

To whom will I deliver the internship book and company evaluation form?

The printed internship notebook and the company evaluation form in a sealed envelope must be delivered to the academician from whom you took the internship course.