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Our department was founded in 1996. We had our first graduates in 2000 under the founding chairman of Prof. Dr. Mahmut Bali AYKAN. Our department moved to 26 Ağustos Campus with other departments of university in 2001 in order to provide an inter-disciplinary education. In that period, we had the privilege of benefiting from the experience and support of professors of Ankara and Istanbul Political Science Faculties such as Prof. Haluk ÜLMAN, Prof. Ahmet N. YÜCEKÖK, Prof. Hasan KÖNİ. Our former head of department Prof. Cemil OKTAY is also a prominent scholar of Political Science in Turkey. Prof. Feroz AHMAD who received Presidential Order of Merit in 2014 made valuable contributions to internationalization of our department. 14 academics work as a full-time faculty members in our department.