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Internship is compulsory in our department. Students who choose to undertake an Internship can consult our Internship Coordinator for aid with the necessary legal correspondence and other matters.

Prof. Cengiz Okman


Phone: 0216 5780000-1721

Office: IIBF 413


Internship Application Process

Students who apply for an internship at an institution are required to fill in the "Internship Application Form". The form is then submitted to the FAAS Student Affairs Office, which contacts the institution on the student's behalf and deals with the necessary correspondence. After being signed and stamped by the internship institution, an "Internship Confirmation Form" is received by the FAAS Student Affairs Office. While the Student Affairs Office keeps the official records, it provides the Department of Economics with copies.

In order for the university to request the legally necessary Turkish Social Security Institution Insurance for the internship, the following documents must be submitted to FAAS Student Affairs:

  • Intern Preliminary Information Form

  • The original "Internship Approval Form" from the internship institution (e.g. where the student works)

  • 2 Covenants (General Covenant and SGK Covenant)

  • A photocopy of the student's ID

  • Place of Domicile/Residence Permit

  • A Photograph

  • Health Provision Information Paper (accessible online)

Students who complete their internship will submit a letter to the internship coordinator indicating that they have successfully completed the internship. The letter must indicate the institution and period of the internship, and possess a letterhead, stencil, signature, full name, title, phone number and e-mail address.

Students register for the Internship elective course in the departmental academic program in the Fall semester, after the completion of their internship. Students can obtain information about the "Internship Report" from the department internship coordinator.

The Career and Individual Development Office at our university regularly shares job and internship announcements of companies collaborating with our university. Given permission by the students, they can also provide interested companies the resumes of our students and graduates, in order to to help them experience life in business.