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Z. Gökhan Ersoy, Research Assistant at Department of Public Administration, chaired Panel 19 in 7th Session of 22nd Annual Meeting of the Alternative Futures and Popular Protest Conference at Manchester Metropolitan University in Manchester, UK (April 10-12, 2017).

David Landy, Assistant Professor at Department of Sociology in Trinity College Dublin presented multiple perspectives on how the campaign(s) against Irish Water succeeded and asks what lessons are learnt by participants from successful campaigns. The anti-Irish water campaign was the most significant social movement in Ireland since the founding of the state, involving sustained country-wide mobilisations and civil disobedience that successfully challenged the Irish state’s austerity agenda and rolled back the privatisation of resources

Another speaker of session was Ekaterine Tarasova, PhD, lecturer at Department of Political Science in Södertörn University, explained  the literature on coalition building with more nuanced understanding of how actors in social movements build coalitions with special reference to in the case of the recent anti-nuclear movements in Russia, Poland and Sweden.