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     The Yeditepe University Department of Economics began accepting students in 1996, concurrently with the foundation of our university. It produced its first graduates in 2000. When the University moved to the 26 Ağustos Campus in 2001, all the university's faculties and departments were brought together in a specific location, allowing inter-departmental cooperation, interdisciplinary research, and a diversified pool of courses. As a result, the number of full-time faculty members has increased, as well as the number of students.

     Our faculty members value scientific studies and develop new courses to ensure that economic education conforms to changing conditions. Graduate and doctoral education in economics is carried out within the department under the "General Economics" and "Political Economics" programs. As of 2015, the Yeditepe University Department of Economics boasts a total of 772 alumni, of which 756 are Undergraduate, 10 Master of Sciences and 8 Ph.Ds.

Previous Department Chairs:
1996-2001 Prof. Önder Arı
2001-2007 Prof. F. Vural Savaş
2007-2013 Prof. M. Reşat Kayalı
2013-2015 Prof. Ferda Halıcıoğlu
2015-2017 Prof. V. Necla Geyikdagi
2017-        Prof. Ahmet Ozcam