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     The vision of Yeditepe University Department of Economics is to be one of the leading centres for economic education in Turkey and the world, known for its education, training, scientific research and public service.

    Our department is focused on contributing to society through education, research and service, within the framework of life-long learning principles. For this purpose, the Yeditepe University Department of Economics offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs set to international academic standards, committed to educating individuals with leadership qualities and ensuring they can understand and manage local and global economic developments, and integrate modern intellectual and universal values. The Yeditepe University Department of Economics provides a working environment that promotes the academic and professional development of faculty members, as well as the creation and sharing of information on national and international platforms. To this end, it also collaborates with many national and international private enterprises and public institutions to support the networking of students and faculty members and through the sharing of knowledge and experiences. The Department of Economics seeks to promote a modern, respectful, tolerant, innovative, entrepreneurial and participatory culture that values personal development within society as well as between its academic members and its students.