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  • The double diploma undergraduate program (a.k.a. DDUP dual degree) between Yeditepe University International Finance Program and State University of New York at New Paltz, ABD, (SUNY-NP)  Finance Program is in English, and the education period is 4 years, excluding the English preparatory school.
  • Students study at Yeditepe University for the first two years and at SUNY-NP for the last two years. Students graduating at the end of 4 years receive two independent diplomas: one is a Bachelor of International Finance (BA) diploma from Yeditepe University and the other is a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Finance from SUNY-NP.
  • Admission and placement of Turkish students to the double diploma program is done according to the results of ÖSYS (Student Selection and Placement Exam) placement made by ÖSYM (Student Selection and Placement Center). Foreign students will be accepted in accordance with the international student admission criteria ( Turkish students who have completed their entire secondary education (high school) in high schools abroad can apply to the program by taking advantage of the SUNY-NP quota.
  • In order for students to study at SUNY-NP during the 3rd and 4th years of the program, they must have successfully completed the first two years of courses and academic requirements at Yeditepe and have foreign language proficiency (TOEFL). Students must comply with all application deadlines set by SUNY-NP. Students who do not comply with the determined rules and dates and do not pay their educational financial obligations cannot register or renew their registration. Obtaining a USA student visa, complying with the USA's immigration laws, accommodation, living, education, insurance, food and beverage, transportation, books and all other expenses in the USA are students' responsibility and are entirely covered by students.
  • Since the program is not-funded, students will pay tuition and fees of Yeditepe during the first 2 years while they study at Yeditepe, and they will pay tuition and fees of SUNY-NP during the last 2 years of their program when they study at SUNY-NP.
  • For information regarding tuition and fees during the first 2 years at Yeditepe, please contact our Yeditepe Financial Affairs Office.
  • For the tuition fee for the 3rd and 4th year at SUNY-NP: (see “the tuition and fees for Non-NYS resident-undergraduate” option)
  • Projected Education and Living Costs:
Tuition & Fees Fall 2023 Spring 2024 Totals
Tuition  $9,000 $9,000 $18,000
College Fee $30 $30 $60
Student Activity Fee $120 $120 $240
Health Center Fee $180 $180 $360
Athletic Fee $250 $250 $500
Technology Fee $240 $240 $480
Orientation Fee $150   $150
Health Insurance  $1,080 $1,490 $2,570
Food Service $2,810 $2,810 $5,620
Room Rent $5,330 $5,330 $10,660
Books $530 $530 $1,060
Personal Expenses $1,860 $1,860 $3,720
    I-20 Tuition Exp $22,360
    I-20 Living Exp $21,060
    Total  $43,420 
Billable Total $38,640    
Non-billable Total $4,780    
Note: Based on on-campus housing, which is required for I-20
  • SUNY-NP International Student Office:
  • SUNY-NP International Student Office for Double Diploma Programs:
  • On-Campus Accommodation:
  • Off-Campus Accommodation
  • Through DDUP, students may have the chance to take advantage of internship or practical training opportunities before or after graduation in the USA.  Please contact the SUNY-NP International Student Office for information regarding your questions on internship or practical training possibilities. Being exposed to different cultures, economic and business environments and different financial perspectives directly during their education in the USA may contribute to our students' experiences and improve their ability to work in international environments.
  • You can contact the department or SUNY Turkey Office for your remaining questions.