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The Compulsory Internship - International Finance Department

The students of the International Finance department, following the completion of their sixth term in the program, have to complete a 30-working day compulsory internship. The goal of this internship can be summarized as familiarizing the student become more familiar with the business world and their chosen future career, allowing the students to see how the theoretical knowledge they have gained is applied in the real world, and helping students realize which area of finance they are more interested in. Also, the internship provides the student with networking opportunities as well as improve their communication skills. In accordance with the goals stated, students can complete their internship in every kind of financial company or institution (banks, financing companies, financial investment firms, the Central Bank, etc.) as well as the finance or accounting departments of service and manufacturing companies. The compulsory internship can also be done abroad, as long as the stated conditions are satisfied.

Prior to starting their internship, students should contact the Department Internship Coordinator with the completely filled Internship Form for approval.

After the internship is completed, the Internship Report that is prepared according to the provided format and the Intern Evaluation Report, which is filled, signed and sealed by the student’s supervisor at the department where the internship is done, should be handed in to the Department Internship Coordinator for assessment.

Internship Application Process

Students who will conduct their compulsory internship for 30 working days must register for the internship course and attend the internship orientation meeting to be organized by the Department Internship Coordinator before determining the institution where they will do their internship.

Students who decide to apply for an internship at an institution should contact their Departmental Internship Coordinator and have their internship application form approved by their coordinator.

After the approval of the internship coordinator, the internship application form is submitted to the Student Affairs Office of the Faculty of Administrative and Economic Sciences for the Dean's signature.

Students will then get the internship application form stamped and signed by their internship institution, and then, return it to the Faculty Student Affairs. Students are also advised to submit a copy to the department internship coordinator.

In order for the university to request the legally necessary Turkish Social Security Institution Insurance for the internship, the following documents must be submitted to the Student Affairs Office of the Faculty of Administrative and Economic Sciences at least 14 days before the beginning of internship:

  • internship application form (signed and stamped by the internship institution)
  • 2 Covenants (General Covenant and SGK Covenant)
  • A photocopy of the student's ID
  • Place of Domicile/Residence Permit
  • A Photograph
  • Health Provision Information Paper (accessible online)

After the completion of the internship, students should submit their Internship Report, which is prepared in English in accordance with the required format, along with the Internship Attendance Form, the Internship Completion Form and the Intern Evaluation Form all of which show the internship department and dates, the name, surname, title, telephone and e-mail address of the internship supervisor, and signed and stamped by the supervisor in a sealed envelope to their Internship Coordinator for evaluation.

In addition, the Institution Evaluation Form, in which the students evaluate the institution, should also be submitted to the department internship coordinator.

In addition to the compulsory internship, students can also do voluntary internships.

The Yeditepe University Career Development Office shares job and internship postings of companies that are in cooperation with our university, and with permission of the students, provides interested companies the resumes of our students and graduates. 


Internship Coordinator for the Department of International Finance:

Asst. Prof. Dr. Müge M. TİRYAKİOĞLU-BATUR 

Phone: 0216 578 00 00 (2715)