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Emine Şule Aydeniz | İktisadi ve İdari Bilimler Fakültesi

Prof. Dr. E. Şule Aydeniz

Head of International Management in German Department

Office No: 403


Yeditepe International Business Management (German) is a 4-year program that accepts students with TM-1 score type and the language of instruction is German. Our department has 3 programs in YÖK guide. 100% Scholarship, 50% Scholarship and the UOLP FH Kiel-Yeditepe University Double Diploma Program (recognized by YÖK).

Students who come by winning the UOPL Kiel FH.-Yeditepe University Double Diploma program have the chance to obtain a second undergraduate diploma from Kiel FH. The student receives education at Yeditepe University for the first 2 years, and then for 2 years at FH Kiel University of Applied Sciences. If both universities are successful in their courses, they are entitled to receive the diploma of both universities. Students must have successfully completed all of their courses and academic requirements in the first 2 years to pass to FH Kiel for the third year. FH Kiel is a public university, so there is no fee. Only a fee (€ 265) is paid per semester. Life in Kiel city (eating and drinking, accommodation) can be 650 € -700 € per month. The students are obliged to obtain the visa of the country they will go to and to comply with all migration related laws of that country. FH Kiel helps with such matters. For detailed information and questions, please write to us:

Our new curriculum has been reorganized in line with the feedback received from our Advisory Boards by taking into consideration the expectations of business life and came into effect as of 2019 Fall. In our new program, we offer a wide pool of elective courses to enable our students to develop themselves in their fields of interest and expertise. Within this framework, there are 3 different group elective courses in the academic program of the department. The total number of elective courses is 12 and constitutes 25% of the course load.

-Free elective courses: There are 6 free elective courses in the academic program. These courses can be selected from any department of Yeditepe University.

-In-department elective courses: It consists of elective courses offered by the International Business Administration (German) Department and the student can choose 6 courses in this context.

Erasmus + and Student Exchange Programs offer students the opportunity to study abroad for one semester or one year. Students who have won the UOPL Kiel FH have a chance to take a second bachelor diploma from Kiel FH. 

Students of Yeditepe International Business Administration Department have the opportunity to do Double Major or Minor Degree with some departments of the university if they have achieved the required GPA. In this way, students can qualify for the diploma of a second part, or they can take a minor in another branch of their choice and get an additional certificate.

They can choose a second language by taking elective courses during the education period. Students who have graduated from Yeditepe International Business Management Department can take advantage of the knowledge of two languages ​​and can work in all levels of national or international companies as entrepreneurs, or they can continue their education in any branch of Social Sciences with a Master and Doctorate.