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Within the process of globalization, which has become a reality of world economies, competition in today's business environment is becoming increasingly important. Therefore, every executive or manager candidate who wants to work at an international level must have extensive theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and managerial responsibilities in the context of management competencies that the business community will demand. Yeditepe University The Master of International Business Management program aims to equip graduates with all of these abilities.


The training language of the program is German. We believe that having more than one foreign language and using it in the advanced level indexed to the business world is one of the primary factors that makes a difference. In the national context, we are aware that approximately 7000 German companies active in Turkey are looking for qualified workers who can use German as their business language. Knowing a foreign language naturally affects our competitive ability in our international context.


The Master of International Business Management program is ready to equip students with theoretical, practical, diagnostic, problem-solving and decision-making competencies, with a strong and experienced teaching staff close to the business world, specializing in business, management and finance and with theoretical and practical knowledge.


In terms of remuneration, Yeditepe University graduates are given a 25% discount, while the first one is awarded a 100% scholarship.

We have an Erasmus agreement with the Kassel University in Germany at the Master's level.


International Business Administration Master program courses are held from 19:00 to 22:00 on weekdays and from 09:00 to 16:00 on Saturdays.

The conditions for applying for the Master of International Business Management program are as determined by the Yeditepe University Institute of Social Sciences.


Prof. Dr. E. Şule Aydeniz

  Head of Department