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The mission of the Department of Tourism Management within the Faculty of Economy and Administrative Sciences is to educate and graduate well equipped top level future managers and entrepreneurs for Turkish economy’s leading industry, tourism, and all other related sectors.

Our department differs from similar educational programs elsewhere in many aspects. The academic staff consists of professionals who bring with them many years of hands on experience in the industry with strong contacts establishing a category of its own.

Our students not only develop themselves in the hospitality dimension of tourism but graduate with rich information and education specialising in  other sectors of tourism; ranging from Travel Planning, Airline Industry Operations, to Logistics and Hotel Management.

The Department of Tourism Management gives education in the following four tracks:

1. Hospitality (Hotel Management)

2. Transportation (all forms but specialising in Air Transportation)

3. Sales Marketing Distribution (Travel Agencies, Tour Operators, all intermediaries)

4. Support Systems (third party Logistics firms of the industry behind the scenes)

which increases the employment opportunties of our graduates.

The industry background of our academic staff enables our department to give a better education to our future graduates, with online simulation management courses, seminars, airport and hotel visits, as well as local and international distinguished guest speakers, enabling our students to learn about the industry and get better equipped for their future careers.

To give our graduates another competitive edge our program provides the opportunity of learning a second  foreign language.

Quality in Tourism Education

The Tourism Management Department of our Faculty, being in constant development and improvement in education, was twice awarded  the "SKALİTE" Quality in Tourism Education Award (in  year 2011 and 2013), selected by the votes of 980 tourism industry professionals in Turkey, forming the Turkish chapter of SKAL (World Tourism Industry Professionals Association, headquartered in Paris). 

Through the Online Simulation Management courses administered by professional educators from the industry; concepts like Company Formation, Management, Competitive Edges, Profit and Loss, Sustainability, etc. are acquired through “live” online experiences.

Internship/Trainee programs out in the field, where the students further solidify the theoretical material that they learn in the classrooms, give them a strong base and enables them to network and establish personal contacts in the industry, which helps them get employed at times even before graduation.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Murat Yücelen
Department Head 

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