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             Our aim is to educate students in our undergraduate and graduate programs so that they will be equipped with the required talents and knowledge needed for different positions in multinational firms, founding and managing their own enterprises.From 1996 till now Business Administrations Department have 1544 graduate students in undergraduate and 3944 graduates in MBA Currently we are giving education to  676 undergraduate and 1191 graduate students with our strong staff and experience in business administration education and enabling our students to be managers and leaders of the future.

When the changes in national and international business World is analyzed, the importance of the business education model through which our graduates can differentiate themselves, will loom large.

Our curriculum is made up of courses shaping basic management andf leadership abilities; courses and applications focusing on improving intellectual and multi-cultural abilities and   modelar courses in rich specialization areas which are in line with targeted sectors.

Through collaboration with our stakeholders, we are enabling our students to combine theory and practice. With business simulations we are using learning through experience medium and with internships we provide sector experience to our students.

Entrepreneurship is  the main theme of our academic program which is a specialization area in both our undergraduate and graduate programs. Our university is the representative of Global Entrepreneurship Monitoring (GEM) in Turkey.

Our students can get credit from KOSGEB when they pass the KOSGEB approved course and meet the other credit application requirements. Also we have Young Entrepreneurs Support Program under Management Application and Research Center (YUVAM) to provide additional support to students who have the motive to commercialize the business idea and found an enterprise.

Onur Candan who also took this course was selected to represent Turkey in Global Students Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA). Apart from the focus of founding a business, we also aim to support intrapreneurship which can be defined as using  creative and innovative ideas  and energy in corporate projects.

When the business World is analyzed, it is observed that service sector is looming large and there is a decreasing trend in manufacturing and agriculture industry and the enterprises are not only in İstanbul, İzmir, Bursa and  Kocaeli but everywhere in Anatolia.As the number of international partnership contracts , the level of global integration level increase in banking and finance sector,international supply chains increase and as Turkey and especially Istanbul became the regional commercial base, the position of internationalization in business World and the importance of the concept of internationalization in business administrations education can be better understood.

Apart from having international students in our classes, our students are enabled to have courses and do their internships abroad through student Exchange and Erasmus Programs. Especially through international summer programs many students come to our university and also our students go abroad and have courses abroad. It is very important for our students to evaluate themselves in international scale and gain experience in multi-cultural management environment.

Our aim is to enable our students to improve their intellectual models and learn how to learn which leads to lifelong learning. We desire our students to be able to lead others through continiously learning new things and updates the old learnings.


We prize managers to be in connection with the community and take active part in social responsibility projects. At the same time having high ethical standarts is a necessity of our program. 

As accepting the quality and success of graduates equipped with management and leadership abilities as our accreditation, we educate our students with managerial thinking, creative problem solving, communication and learning abilities. Since 1996 our department with its strong academic staff and substructure aims to give social responsibility and ethic values.


Our accreditation is the success of our students.