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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tuba Şavlı
Head of Business Administration Department

The Department of Business Administration, which is one of the most prominent departments in social and administrative sciences both globally and in Turkey, is also a highly competitive field. The significance of producing qualified graduates is increasing day by day. Therefore, it is crucial to select programs that can adapt and update themselves continuously according to the current requirements in the field of Business Administration.

Established in 1996, the Department of Business Administration, guided by the academic staff's monitoring of developments in theory and practice and feedback from its alumni, continues to produce graduates who are well-equipped academically and in demand in the market. For over 20 years, our students, who have been integrated into the global business world, have been advancing in their careers with confidence, contributing to the recognition and preference of Yeditepe University's Department of Business Administration in the business community. Our success is backed by our academic staff, which includes 6 full-time Professors, 4 Associate Professors, 2 Assistant Professors, 3 Research Assistants, and 1 Project Assistant, all of whom have received their education at well-known universities in Turkey and around the world, and who possess private sector experience.

In our Business Administration Department, we offer education at the undergraduate, dual degree (UNCW), thesis and non-thesis Master's levels in Business Administration, thesis Master's in Accounting and Finance, and Doctorate programs. Approximately 1000 students are currently enrolled in our department. We support our undergraduate education with Erasmus, Minor and Certificate Programs, and alongside long-term internships, we have voluntary internship programs, specialized courses, and entrepreneurship training supported by simulations, all aimed at increasing our students' entrepreneurial abilities and practical experience.

Department Coordinators

Coordinator Responsible E-mail
Double/Minor Coordinator Prof. Dr. Gaye Gencer
Erasmus Coordinator Assoc. Prof. Dr. Deniz Palalar Alkan
Internship Coordinator Asst. Prof. Dr.Özge Kirezli
UNCW Coordinator Res. Asst. Hilal Çavdar
Transfer Coordinator Asst. Prof. Dr. Orçun Türegün
Disabled Student Support Coordinator Prof. Dr. Senem Göl Beşer
Master Education Coordinator Prof. Dr. Ayşe Gönül Demirel
Doctorate Education Coordinator Prof. Dr. Tulin Ural
Executive MBA Coordinator Prof. Dr. Yusuf Can Erdem

What is Business Administration

The Department of Business Administration, which admits students based on their equal-weighted scores, is one of the most popular departments within the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. It offers its graduates extensive job opportunities in various fields. Students are prepared for the business world, enabling them to work for multinational corporations, while also providing a strong foundation for those who wish to start their own businesses through entrepreneurship training.

The Business Administration Department is a program where practical and theoretical knowledge required to understand a company's general working principles, establish and manage small and medium-sized enterprises, enhance these businesses, and manage large-scale enterprises is acquired. The department facilitates an easy transition for its graduates into the business world by providing the essential knowledge they need throughout their education. In this context, students not only take business department courses but also need to take courses from other departments, such as economics, law, and information systems, to have a broad vision. Over the course of their 4-year undergraduate education, students learn to both master and keep up with technology, aiming to provide a different perspective to the business world by better understanding and implementing new generation practices.

Business Administration Program Fees and Scholarships

You can get information from this page for Yeditepe University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of Business Administration.

Studying Business Administration at Yeditepe University

By closely following the innovations in the science and business world, Yeditepe Department of Business Administration aims to raise its students as graduates who are ready for the conditions and needs of the time they graduate.

The opportunities we offer for this purpose:

·         We ensure that they receive a diploma through an internationally recognized academic teaching framework.

·         Our students can receive one-on-one support from their academic advisors on academic issues throughout the entire education period.

·         Our students can choose from Department Elective and Free Elective courses, which are constantly updated in line with the developments and expectations in the business world, in line with their interests.

·         Our business students are offered the opportunity to do a Double Major and a Minor through various programs.

·         Our students have the opportunity to participate in exchange programs at 34 universities in Europe with the Erasmus Programme. In addition, they have the opportunity to interact both academically and socially with students who come to our department with the same program.

·         Within the scope of the 40 working days Compulsory Internship, our students are provided with the opportunity to gain experience integrated into the course program. Additionally, our students have the opportunity to do a Volunteer Internship if they wish.

·         With our social responsibility course, which has existed since the establishment of our department, our young people are given the experience of starting and completing a social responsibility project. In this way, it is aimed for them to continue this habit in the businesses they manage in the future, to develop social responsibility projects and benefit the society.

·         Within the scope of our cooperation with GYİAD Academy, many business people participate in our entrepreneurship courses as speakers, sharing their experiences and offering mentoring opportunities to our students.

·         With the international simulations used in senior courses, our students gain experience in managing a real business in an environment of competition and changing market conditions.

·         Thanks to branded courses held in cooperation with well-known institutions and organizations in the sector, our students are offered the opportunity to obtain certificates in different fields in addition to their diplomas.

o    Within the scope of the Quality Management Certificate Program carried out in cooperation with Yeditepe University and KalDer, certificates are given to our students who complete 3 elective courses on quality.

o    In the Entrepreneurship (KOSGEB) course, "Traditional Entrepreneurship Training" is provided in accordance with and parallel to the subjects of "Entrepreneurship Support Program" with KOSGEB. Students who complete their courses have the right to receive a certificate by taking the KOSGEB exam via e-government. These certificate holders will be able to benefit from KOSGEB's Traditional Entrepreneurship grant support for two years if they establish their businesses.

o    Our TİDE (Turkish Internal Audit Institute) Seminars course is carried out together with the leading names of the internal audit world and our students who successfully complete the course are given a certificate of participation by TİDE.

·         Within the scope of the activities of Yeditepe University Management Application and Research Center (YUVAM), which carries out interdisciplinary applied studies in management-related fields in the public and private sectors and aims to improve relations between the university and the business world, our students have the opportunity to closely follow the current approaches in the business world.

What Does a Business Administration Graduate Do? Where Do They Work?

Graduates of the Department of Business Administration have the opportunity to find employment in many public and private sector enterprises. Within the framework of the wide range of job opportunities, which is one of the biggest advantages of the department, students can establish their own workplaces and companies, as well as take on middle and senior level positions in the private sector or public institutions.

Among our graduates, there are many entrepreneurs who have established and developed their own businesses and are among the leading companies in Turkey today. While we have many graduates who work as senior managers in international and national companies in the fields of human resources and marketing, we also have many graduates who have improved themselves in accounting and finance and have become senior managers in banks, auditing and consultancy firms.

Vision Mission and History


To be an institutional structure whose education is based on contemporary science, which takes into consideration the needs of society and transforms research into production, which is based on national awareness in the development of student talents, and whose programs and trainers comply with national and international quality systems.


To raise researcher, creative, original, self-confident and entrepreneurial students that the society needs through international quality education in all science fields, to create a research and education area together with international students and faculty members, and to create an environment that provides lifelong education for the society.


Contemporary science and education, carried out with the belief of serving society based on Atatürk's principles and the Republican Renaissance, are our core values.

Student Exchange/Erasmus Programs

The Business Administration department has agreements with many schools within the Erasmus program. These schools are listed here.

Required links:

Our students who want to study abroad with Erasmus and exchange programs can get detailed information from our International Office page.

To get more detailed information, you can contact our Erasmus Coordinator at e-mail address.

Double Major and Minor Opportunities

Double Major and Minor in Business Administration

Department of Business Administration students can also benefit from double major and minor programs in addition to their undergraduate education. The Department of Business Administration is a stepping stone for students who have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to do their own business, and for those who want to become managers in professional business life. Regardless of the student's discipline, he or she can gain the opportunity to find employment in a wider range of areas after graduation, thanks to gaining competence in the management-organization, marketing-production management and accounting-finance sub-fields of the business.

What are Double Major and Minor programs?

Double major is a program that allows students who meet the success requirement and other conditions to take courses from two diploma programs of the same higher education institution simultaneously and receive two separate diplomas. Students can graduate by completing their course loads in both departments.

A minor is a program that provides a document (minor certificate) that does not replace a diploma by taking a limited number of courses in a specific field within the scope of another diploma program within the same higher education institution, provided that the student enrolled in a diploma program meets the specified conditions.

When can application be made for Double Major and Minor programs?

For double major programs, students can complete their studies in the third semester at the earliest and in the fifth semester at the latest; For minor programs, students can apply at the beginning of their third semester at the earliest and at the beginning of their sixth semester at the latest. 

Departments that have double major aggrements with  Business Administration Department :

Advertising Design and Communication

Tourism Management

Agricultural Trade and Management

International Finance

Logistics Management

Public Relations and Publicity


Information Systems and Technologies

Management Information Systems

Public Administration

Arts and Culture Management

Interior Architecture


Political Science and International Relations (EN)


Gastronomy and Culinary Arts

Software Development

Industrial Engineering

E-Commerce Management


Mathematics Education

Radio Television and Cinema

International Trade and Business


Business Administration has minor degree agreements almost with all departments at the university.

What are the basic requirements for doing a Double Major and Minor?

Must have successfully completed all the courses taken in the major program in which he/she is registered by the semester he/she applies. Courses completed before starting a double major cannot be adjusted.

At the time of application for a double major program, the GPA in the major program must be at least 2.75 and the student must be in the top 20% of the relevant class of the major program in terms of success ranking. In order to study with a double major scholarship, a GPA of 3.25 out of 4 is required.

To apply to minor programs, the overall GPA must be at least 2.5 out of 4. Students with a GPA of 3.00 and above can enroll in minor programs with a full scholarship.

It is not possible to enroll in more than one second major program at the same time. However, it is possible to enroll in a minor program with a second major diploma at the same time.

What are the attendance requirements for Double Major and Minor programs?

During the double major education, the student's second major GPA may decrease to 2.50 only once. A student whose GPA falls below 2.50 for the second time will be deregistered from the second major diploma program.

In order for the student to continue in the minor program, the GPA in the major program must be at least 2.30. A student who cannot meet this requirement will be deregistered from the minor program.

A student who does not take courses in a double major and minor program for two consecutive semesters will be deregistered from the second major and/or minor program.

What are the graduation requirements from the programs?

In order to graduate from the second major program, the second major GPA must be at least 2.70 and the graduation requirements of the programs must be met. Adaptation and graduation procedures will be based on the protocol valid on the date of starting the double major.

In order to receive a minor certificate, the major GPA must be at least 2.30.

A student who continues a double major or minor program is given a second major diploma or minor certificate if he/she graduates from the first major program he/she continues.

Which document will the student who is eligible for graduation be entitled to receive?

A second major undergraduate diploma is given to the student who has the right to graduate from the major undergraduate program in which he/she is registered and who completes the double major program, and a minor certificate is given to the student who completes the minor program.

*Our Double Major and Minor Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Gaye Gencer -

*Click here to access the Double Major and Minor Application and Registration Form.

*Click to access the Minor Program Curriculum.

*For more detailed information, please click on the Double Major and Minor Programs Regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Yeditepe University support me in my department choice?
During Yeditepe University promotion periods, prospective students can visit our campus, ask their questions to our professors face to face, or make their decisions quickly and confidently on the web with the preference robot at In addition, we will support prospective students to learn about the academic and social opportunities of our university through our Yeditepe Connect system, and we will support all our students who will guide their future in line with their goals by providing sample courses, department introductions, profession promotions and seminars on all necessary subjects.

With what score type does Yeditepe University Department of Business Administration admit students?
Our Department of Business Administration accepts students with the Equal Weight (EA) Score Type.

What are the  quota, base scores and success ranking of Yeditepe University Department of Business Administration?
Click for detailed information about our Business Administration Department's YKS quotas, base score and success ranking.

What is the purpose of Yeditepe University Business Administration Department?
The Department of Business Administration is located within the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. This department trains future managers who have problem-solving skills, think quickly, can adapt to the conditions, make appropriate decisions and implement these decisions correctly, have leadership qualities, and are specialized in areas such as marketing, sales, human resources and finance. It was established for the purposes of establishing a business, understanding the way businesses work, developing business management skills, and developing a successful business manager. The main aim of the department is to provide students with competencies such as strategic thinking, entrepreneurial perspective, analytical thinking and innovation, as well as management competencies.

What courses are included in the Business Administration Department curriculum?
For detailed information about the Business Administration Department curriculum, please click 

What is the difference/advantage of Yeditepe University Business Administration Department from departments in other universities? Why should I choose Yeditepe University Business Administration Department?

Yeditepe University Department of Business Administration aims to raise its students as graduates who have the competencies to work at different levels of multinational companies or to establish and manage their own companies. It aims to provide its students with intellectual, multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural management competencies and sectoral experience with the dynamic and contemporary academic program it has prepared. Business education provides the opportunity to specialize in sub-headings such as human resources management, marketing, accounting and finance. It has a strong and distinguished academic staff who have completed their education in these fields at distinguished universities and have international academic and sectoral experience and publications in their fields. In line with the undergraduate education model, the Department of Business Administration focuses on the main theme of entrepreneurship so that students can establish their own businesses, and students who are successful in KOSGEB-approved courses can benefit from all the privileges and loan opportunities offered by KOSGEB, provided they meet all the conditions in the best possible way.

With double major and minor education opportunities within the framework of academic programs, every student is not only limited to the Department of Business Administration, but also has the opportunity to develop himself in a versatile way.

How long is the duration of compulsory internships in the Department of Business Administration?
The minimum duration of the compulsory internship is 40 working days. Our students can do their internships in the summer or in the fall/spring semesters, depending on their course intensity. Voluntary internships are also covered by SSI. Students who will apply to an institution for an internship fill out the "Internship Application Form". "Internship Application Form" must be submitted to İ.İ.B.F. to be signed by the Dean. It is delivered to the Student Affairs Office. Students submit the signed "Application Form" to İ.İ.B.F. They receive it from the Student Affairs Office and take it together with the "Internship Approval Form" to the institution where they will apply for the internship. The original copy of the "Internship Approval Form" given to them, stamped and signed by the institution that accepted them for the internship, is then sent to İ.İ.B.F. While they keep it to be given to the Student Affairs Office, they deliver a photocopy to the internship coordinator of the department. For questions regarding the subject, contact our Internship Coordinator, Dr. Lecturer You can reach member Özge Kirezli at

What should a student studying in the Department of Business Administration pay attention to when choosing an internship place?
Our students should make sure that the internship place they choose is corporate and one of the organizations that has an important place in the Turkish economy. Its biggest contribution is to prepare the student for professional life in the best possible way by ensuring that he/she can use the knowledge he/she has learned in theory in the most efficient way in practice.