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Students completing the third year in the Department of Business are required to do a mandatory internship for 40 working days in summer. Other students can also do voluntary internships. Internships can be done domestically or abroad. The aim of the internship is to enable students to experience a real workplace environment other than their departmental courses, to strengthen their theoretical background with practical knowledge and practice, and to gain a practical professional horizon to the theoretical skills they have acquired in the fields of business and management. Students doing internships in various departments of institutions operating in the production or service sector have the opportunity to observe the work done and participate in them. One of the important contributions of the internship is to improve the communication skills of the students. During the internship period, students can also find the opportunity to strengthen their foreign languages. Internship opportunities can also assist students in finding employment for the future. Students prepare an internship report at the end of their compulsory internship.

Students who will do internship should first contact the Department Internship Coordinators.

Before starting the internship, the Internship Form must be filled in and approved by your coordinator.

After completing the internship, the Institution Evaluation Form, Intern Evaluation Form, Internship Attendance Form and Internship Completion Form must be filled out and prepared in accordance with the Internship Report Format, should be presented to your Internship Coordinator along with the Internship Report Cover Page in English.

Business Department Internship Coordinator
Asst. Prof. Özge KİREZLİ