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Student Admission

Student admissions to our program are possible through three methods (OSYS, Student Transfer, and International Student Admission).


Student admissions are accepted through the Student Selection and Placement Exam (OSYS), using the TM-1 score from the exam.

For detailed information, please visit the university admissions website.

Student Transfer

Cross-institutional student transfers can be conducted provided institutional and central placement scores are taken into account.

Application deadlines and quotas for student transfers are detailed in the university Academic Calendar and website yearly. For general rules about student transfers, please visit the university website.

Applications for student transfers are made to the Centre of Student Affairs. The Centre of Student Affairs then informs the related Faculty of the student transfer applications when the university’s Student Transfer Board approves the transfer. Faculties then examine the official transcript of the student and identify the courses the student may be exempted from.


General Rules for Intra-institutional Student Transfers

Intra-institutional student transfers can be made to or from any undergraduate program offered by the university.

Student transfers are not allowed to the first two or to the last two semesters.

In order for a student to qualify for student transfer between two undergraduate programs, the student’s OSYS admission score to their original program must not be lower than the countrywide admission score of the intended program.


General Rules for Cross-institutional Student Transfers using Central Placement Scores

Cross-institutional student transfers are allowed between programs that admit students based on Central Placement Scores.

Applications for cross-institutional student transfers are allowed provided the Central Placement Score obtained by the student is higher or equal to the lowest placement score for Business Administration.

Cross-institutional student transfers can be made to any semester or year of the program, including the Preparatory School.Students applying to cross-institutional students transfer will all be admitted provided they fall within 10% of the total quota of admissions to the program, meet the aforementioned criteria, and follow the guidelines of the OSYS. The student transfer quota is calculated every semester according to the quota given by the OSYS guideline. In the event that the number of applicants exceed the quota, the quota will be filled starting with the students that have obtained the highest scores in the central placement exam.

For more detailed information and student transfer quotas, please visit the university website.


International Student Admission

For International Student Admissions, please visit the university website.

To apply online, please visit the International Office website. Applications can be made in Turkish or English.

Students are required to deliver the necessary documents to the International Office. The originals of the necessary documents are required upon registration, to be delivered to Student Affairs.

The International Office will inform the intended faculty’s Dean of the student admission and application papers. The faculty then examines the official transcript of the student and identifies the courses the student may be exempted from.