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Relationship Between Program Outcomes and Program Teaching Objectives


Learning Outcomes 


Program Teaching Objectives

95% of our graduates work in a profession related to their education.

Our graduates become entrepreneurs who can start and manage their own companies.

Our graduates become managers or leaders in the companies they work for.


Have the basic knowledge on legal, political, economic and social issues that cover the field of business administration science and specialties at international level.

2 3 3

Have the knowledge of English at international institutional level to communicate effectively in written and oral.

3 3 3

Improves entrepreneurship ability.

3 3 3
LO4 Reinforce theoretical knowledge with practice. 3 3 3
LO5 Associate the knowledge acquired in the sub-specialties of business science and reflect it in decision-making processes. 3 3 3
LO6 Work effectively within the team and take the initiative for the success of the team. 3 3 3
LO7 Act in accordance with the principles of business ethics and social responsibility and fulfill their active citizenship duties. 2 3 3
LO8 Have the necessary knowledge to conduct independent study / project / research, evaluate their results, and produce creative solutions to problems. 2 3 3