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Preparatory School

The medium of instruction for the International Finance department at Yeditepe University is English. Students enrolled in the department are required to show their English proficiency with one of the following options prior to starting to take classes in their program:

(1) Foreign Language Proficiency Exam: Students who have English proficiency can take the Yeditepe University Foreign Language (English) Proficiency Exam on the day, time and place announced by the Yeditepe University Rectorate and will be exempt from the Preparatory School if they obtain at least 60 points out of 100.

(2) Yeditepe University English Preparatory School: Students who score 59 out of 100 or less in the Yeditepe University Foreign Language Proficiency Exam take the Placement Exam, which determines students’ English proficiency level. Students are placed in Preparatory School classes appropriate to their level based on the Placement Exam results. Click here for more detailed information about the English Preparatory School.

(3) TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language): Students who take the TOEFL exam within two years of the English Proficiency Exam date and obtain a minimum score of 550 (Paper-Delivered Test, PBT), 213 (Computer-Based Test, CBT) or 79 (Internet Based Test, IBT) are exempted from the foreign language exam. In order for the TOEFL exam results to be accepted by Yeditepe University, students must take this exam from one of the centers accepted by the University and the exam results must be sent directly to Yeditepe University by the institution that conducts the exam (exam result document is not accepted). The request to send the TOEFL results directly to Yeditepe University can be made in your TOEFL application before you take the exam (or after the exam as an additional service) and by entering the Yeditepe University institution code.